Do you want to grow weed? Growing cannabis is done in 5 steps, namely germination, growing, flowering, harvesting and drying.
You can safely grow your own cannabis plant at home and it is a lot of fun to do. A kind of gardening 2.0, which also gives you something nice to do in the end. However, a good harvest is not guaranteed. There are a number of things you should pay attention to. To help you a little bit, we have knowledge ready for you. A successful harvest should be achieved with the brief guide below.
What should you pay attention to from start to finish? With our description below, raising the cannabis plant should be successful!
Step 1: Germination
To start with, the cannabis seeds must germinate. When growing a cannabis plant, you always start with this, and you can do this in different ways.
Sprouting in a cup of water is the first way to do this. You can also do the germination using damp kitchen paper. There are more alternatives, but these two ways are simple and effective. Our advice? Grab a glass and get started.
Fill the glass with a little lukewarm water and place the seeds in it. After just a few days, the seed will pop open and the white root tip will emerge.
Step 2: Grow
What you need to know is that a cannabis plant needs at least 18 hours of light per day to grow. When the cannabis plant only receives 12 hours of light, it will flower.
If you are going for an indoor grow, you can simulate the above by turning off the lighting earlier. If you opt for an outdoor cultivation, the seasons will do their job and, for example, provide fewer hours of light when the summer ends.
Our advice: Start an outdoor cultivation in May, because then you won’t have any problems with night frost. Weed is only produced during the flowering period, not during the growing period. When the seed has germinated, you have to put it in soil. If the white root tip of the germinated seed is about 5 millimeters, you can do this.
You can then place the seed with the white root tip downwards in the soil, no deeper than 1 centimeter. You can keep the soil in which the germinated seed is moist. In the following days, the plant will start to grow. Please note, some cannabis plants can grow up to 3 meters high in open ground. However, if the roots have less space, for example in a planter, the cannabis plant will also remain smaller.
Growing cannabis in 5 steps
Finally, during this growing period it is also wise to use growth fertilizer, so that the plant becomes stronger and healthier.
Step 3: Bloom
During the flowering period of the cannabis plant, we have to stay extra alert. A lot can go wrong during this period. Insects and fungi are lurking, so keeping the plant well maintained is important.
A positive thing about this time is, of course, that the plant will finally produce weed. The flowering period lasts an average of 7 to 12 weeks, depending on the cannabis strain. If you have placed cannabis plants outside, they will start to flower at the end of the summer. However, there is an exception, namely the autoflower seeds. They will bloom sooner on their own. Very handy!
You can recognize the start of flowering by the long white hairs on the plant. Extra reason to keep the diet on the arrow. For example, a cannabis plant in bloom needs fertilizers. Pure water is possible, but if you want the optimal result in terms of flowering, the soil must have the right nutrients. So pay attention to the nutrition for better flowering and therefore more yield.
Step 4: Harvest
Hopefully you will get a lot of satisfaction from harvesting. The cannabis plant is ready to be cut, and this can be quite a job. By the way, you know that a cannabis plant is ready for harvest when about 80% of the white flower hairs have turned brown. Our advice when cutting a cannabis plant is to always cut off a branch from the plant, after which you remove the leaf.
Step 5: Drying
If you have already removed the leaves from the branch, you can hang it upside down in a dry dark room, with a good flow of fresh air. The humidity should not be too high, otherwise rot can occur. Shame! If you dry at room temperature, the weed will be dry after about 3 weeks. You know weed is dry enough when you can easily snap small twigs into two separate pieces.
With the above steps you should be able to grow a cannabis plant yourself. Follow these basic steps, but also dare to experiment. Growing a cannabis plant is not difficult, but if you make a mistake somewhere, it can fail. So pay attention from the start, use the right nutrition and recognize the moment when the plant is ready for harvest.
Good luck!

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